Apr. 2013 - Mar. 2015

  • Keio Economic Observatory will organize a special lecture on new emprical IO; Estimation of Firm Level Markups by Lionel Nesta (OFCE, France),1st of July, 2015 (Registration by 12th of June, 2015)
  • KEO Discussion Paper No.133(Abstract): Koji NOMURA, HIroshi SHIRANE "Measurement of Quality-Adjusted Labor Input in Japan, 1955–2012" 1p. , December,2014
  • KEO Discussion Paper No.132: Fumimasa Hamada "Priority Order and Consumer Behavior*" 17p. May, 2014
  • Isamu Yamamoto's book, "Economic Analysis of Working Hours: Prospects for a working style in a super-aging society" (RodoJikan no Keizai Bunseki-Cho KoreikaShakai no HatarakikatawoTenbosuru, NikkeiInc.,) was awarded 57th Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science.
  • Keio Economic Observatory and the Center for Economic Growth Strategy, Yokohama National University will jointly organize Yokohama International Workshop on International Trade and Growth at the PACIFICO Yokohama on November 21st. Leading Chinese and Japanese trade economists will join the workshop .Registration is required to join the workshop Program.The deadline for the registration is November 5th. For inquiries, please contact Keio Economic Observatory
  • ReportAPO Productivity Databook 2014of the productivity statistics database of Asian countries was published. In addition, a briefing session was held in commemoration of the publication and was given a presentation on "APO Mobile Productivity Database" which was the application for the smart phone at the same time. (95economic indicators about the productivity are included in application.) 17th Oct 2014.
  • Mari Yamauchi’s book Japanese Employment Systems: Growing Divergence and Globalization Koyo Shisutemu no Tayouka to KokusaitekiShuurenn,( Keio University Press Inc., 2013) was awarded the Japan Society of Human Resource Management Prize (academic prize). 22th July 2014.
  • APO-Keio special lecture given by Dale Jorgenson (Harvard University) was held on 22th May 2014.
  • We organized a mini-lecture on new emprical IO; Estimation of Strategic Interactions on 16-17 July by Junichi Suzuki (University of Toronto),July 2014